4 Reasons Why You Need To Care About What You Wear.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Care About What You Wear.

WE ALL JUDGE. There I said it. Within a few seconds of seeing someone we decide numerous things about them, from how smart they are, to how likely they are to commit a crime. Sometimes our first impressions can be surprisingly accurate in others they can be a bit off base, but as uncomfortable as it may be, we are under the microscope every day. You dress and groom your body so you alone are in charge of how you appear to observers.

So, you don’t care what other people think of you? Well here’s the thing: You’ve got to get dressed anyway (unless you’re part of some nudist community somewhere), so why not take the opportunity to tell people more about your fabulous self through the clothes that you wear.

1. If you look good, you feel good!

When you put effort into your appearance you are more likely to receive compliments and that builds self-image.

2. I love myself!

Self-love starts with self-care. It’s simple: If you take care of yourself you are less likely to eat junk food, hide from mirrors and trash talk your body, you know the drill…

Clothes are a means to an end: the end being you and everything you have to offer.

3. Hello good-looking!

When you dress in a certain way it helps shift your internal self. Dress not how you feel but how you want to feel.

Did you know?

There is such a thing as happy clothes. According to researchers denim and anything baggy is the preferred choice for depressed people.

The lesson: Glam up although you feel down! Step away from the yoga pants!

4. Show me the money!

According to a study waitresses wearing red lipstick were tipped 50 percent of the time by male customers, while their counterparts with brown, pink or no lipstick received tips only 33 percent of the time. Imagine what a red lip can do in your work environment?

Social psychologists refer to the “halo effect,” we tend to assume that good-looking people possess other positive qualities aside from their looks, such as intelligence and commitment.

But what are we to do in this hectic world, where you are judged, whether you like it or not, on your appearance and the fact that that judgement can determine your next promotion, pay check or inner-happiness?

The answer: Make an appointment with Mercia at HSC. With the help of a qualified stylist (like Mercia), we create a capsule collection and you can start dressing fabulously Every. Single. Day.

Say goodbye to those “I’ve got nothing to wear” days once and for all!

Email: Mercia at mvdw@superiorclothing.co.za