5 Reasons why HSC is your One-Stop Dressolution

5 Reasons why HSC is your One-Stop Dressolution

Whether you’re in matric, looking for the perfect dress, a proud Mother of the Bride, or just looking for a knockout dress for your next function or wedding:


NO matter what you WANT – HSC brings it to YOU.


There’s NO need to shop around, just come to the Purple House:


1. HSC sets the trends

They have the trendiest styles straight from the runway, ready for you to try on, fall in love with and buy on the spot. Over 4000 styles to choose from…

HSC in Paris with Hanri Human

2. HSC has class, lots of class…

You know those classic dresses? The ones that suit almost everybody’s hope and never go out of style? The perfect investment for years to come.

3. HSC believes beauty has NO size!

They offer a variety of sizes (whether you’re a size 8, 18 or 28). There’s a dress for you!

4. HSC can do anything!

Not finding what you’re looking for in store? HSC can design any dress you can think of!

5. HSC can fix anything!

They provide an alteration service, ensuring your dress is the perfect fit for your body shape


While it’s obviously always about THE DRESS,

HSC strive to build relationships with every client

AND you are surrounded by qualified stylists.

“Life’s too short to wear boring dresses.”

See you at the purple house!