a Consultation at HSC

a Consultation at HSC

At HSC, special occasions is our forte, and we specialize in finding your dream outfit.

HSC has been dressing women for work, weddings, matric dances, evening events and functions for over 20 years. We have worked with many different garments and clients over the years and know what style works for what body type. That being said, the House of Superior Clothing is not a retailer where you come just to fit dresses to see which style or colour suits you. We are here to help you find the perfect garment for any occasion. We don’t charge any fitting fee and, in return, we ask only that you respect our dress while fitting. At HSC we believe “Life is too short to wear boring dresses”. Therefore, our dresses are beautiful, they vary in styles, are available in different colours and each dress has been handpicked from international and local designers specifically for our unique clientele.
At HSC we work exclusively with many local designers in the South African fashion and evening wear industry to ensure we can also design garments according to your needs with different styles and fabrics. We sell a variety of dresses throughout the year and try to keep track of which dress goes to which Matric Farewell. That way we ensure that no two styles of dresses sold by us goes to the same matric dance.

At HSC we believe “Life is too short to wear boring dresses”

Consultations at HSC:

HSC works by pre-booked consultations only. We are here to find you a garment that suits your specifications and budget. In order for us at HSC to be prepared to help you find the ideal outfit; when making your appointment be sure to mention beforehand if you have a specific idea in mind. To ensure we spend both yours and our valuable time well we have a consultant assisting you throughout your visit at HSC.
We additionally offer alteration services on the premises to ensure the perfect fit of your garment. This however is at your own risk and you will take full responsibility for the outcome of the garment.
Please keep an open mind when you try on the dresses.