Cool Mommy or Momster?

Cool Mommy or Momster?

 Cool Mom vs Momster

*Momster = When Mom’s go Bad!

You’ve been dreaming about your matric dance since you were little… and you can’t wait to find the perfect dress to show off all of that gorgeousness that was hiding underneath your school uniform.

Finding the perfect dress can be stressful…

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Have you ever watched an episode from Say Yes to the Dress?

If not, I will fill you in. The bride to be (in this entertaining reality show), tries on countless dresses in a high end boutique; her entourage is always watching, waiting and most of the time criticising.

I’ve seen brides bursting into tears when they LOVE a dress and Mommy is like NOOOO its HIDEOUOS.

Then you get the jealous cousins, opinionated sister and outspoken friends.

Makes for fabulous TV but NOT so much finding your fabulous dress!

At HSC you are surrounded by experts.

Trust me, they know what they are doing! And they want to help you, find the perfect dress for you –

(not for your Mom, friend, sister or even Dad).

Because at HSC it’s all about you…

We decided to change things up a bit and instead of Moms giving advice – we are giving Mom’s some advice.


Because I said so!

Just joking Mama’s!

Share, forward tweet or tag your Mom so that she can READ this –

this way you will have a fun, fabulous dress fitting with your Mother.

Cool Mama says: “We want to find the perfect dress for YOU!”

Momster says: “I always wanted you to wear a red mermaid dress…”

Cool Mama says: “Choose your own colour!”

Momster says: “You are not wearing navy, red, white or yellow!”

Cool Mama says: “You look beautiful, but let’s keep looking for the perfect fit!”

Momster says: “This dress makes you look fat and highlight all your bad features.”

A Cool Mama…

Pays attention and shows excitement when trying on various dresses!

A Momster…

Is irritated and constantly on her cell phone.

A Cool Mama…

Know that even though you pretend to have heaps of confidence you’re still a bit unsure and needs lots of reassurance.

A Momster…

Keeps telling you to lift your chin, stand up straight and suck in that tummy!

A Cool Mama…

Respect the fact that you’re pretty much a grown-up and treat you like one.

A Momster…

Still talks to you like a 2 year old – condescending and know it all.



Mom might not always know best BUT a cool mom always has your best interest at heart.

Happy Shopping (and stay cool Mamas)! XOXO Helene

Dresses from HSC

They will find a dress for you.



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