How To Find The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress at HSC

How To Find The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress at HSC

Listen up Mother of the Bride!

The mother of the bride dress can be a nerve-wrecking business. You will be on display at the wedding so you want to look your absolute best.

Moms often overlook themselves, but although it’s all about the bride, it’s a special day for you too!


1. Don’t wait until the last minute!

If the wedding is in October let us know now!

According to wedding planner Kate Martin, author of the book The Mother of the Bride Guide: A Modern Mom’s Guide to Wedding Planning, you should start looking for your dress as soon as the bride has set the wedding date. This way you’ll have time to try different styles and colours and find out what looks best on you.

If you put off finding your dress until a month before the wedding, you’ll choose whatever’s available — and not what flatters your shape and skin tone

2. Colour is important!

Tell us if your colour choices are limited, or if the bride wants you to wear a specific colour!

You’ll want to look for a dress that blends with the bride’s chosen colours. Most moms use the bridesmaids’ dresses as a palette.

You want to avoid white, ivory, black and neon colours like an electric blue dress!

Weding attire, Mother of the bride worn by Nadia Beukes, Make up and hair by Marrisa Glam Bam

3. Tell us!

Technology is an amazing thing…

Send us a photo of the look/dress you have in mind (style, colour) and the theme of the wedding – the sooner the better!


Tell us your (real) size – this way we can prepare for your appointment!

Light blue lace and chiffon dress

4. Make an appointment!


This way you guarantee your time and we can give you our undivided attention and expert knowledge (at no extra cost)!

Ps: Saturdays are super busy and you might feel that you are not receiving the attention you deserve. Book now and avoid disappointment.

5. Try to make shopping fun!

Why go to hundreds of stores if you can find your perfect MOB dress under one purple roof?

Find your perfect dress, have a glass of champagne and relax!


What are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone, send us an email and make your appointment (at no extra costs) to find the perfect MOB dress.

Stay Stylish