Shop For Your Shape!

Shop For Your Shape!


Every year there’s THAT dress

Matric Farewell 2018 Plunge line dress

The One that steals the show on the red carpet, The One featured in every magazine and The One that every Matric girl dreams about.

A Long time ago it was that yellow dress Kate Hudson wore in How to lose a guy, before that Halle Berry’s see through dress drew more attention than the Oscar she won!

2018 is the year of SHEER and CUT OUT gowns!

Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Hudson and even Sharon Stone played with the illusion.

Khloe Kardashian, Cara Delavigne, Rosie Huntington Whitely and of course J-Lo have all been snapped in

“The naked dress.”
The problem with OBSESSING OVER THE DRESS is that we are all DiFfErEnT.

Rather be you and create your own style!

At HSC there’s a lot of options – you can literally pick and choose between all the newest style and trends.

Even better – if you like something but it’s just not perfect, Mercia and her team of designers can make your dream come true – you just have to tell them!

BUT before you call, email or text them to make an appointment, make sure you know a little bit more about your body shape.

Consider this your Body shape Course 101 (You can thank me later)!

There are probably 6000 female body shapes but here’s the 6 major female body shapes:

• Rectangular Body Type (Think Cameron Diaz)!

You have a straight athletic build with minimal waist definition.

Dresses that will FLATTER YOU:

• Pear Body Type (Think J-Lo)!

You have thin shoulders a small bust and curvy hips.

Dresses that will fit you like a glove!

• Hourglass Body Type (Damn you Kim Kardashian)!

You have a curvy bust and hips and your waist is well defined.

Put on this dress and Take that Kim!

Booking your Appointment at House of Superior Clothing for your Matric Farewell

• Apple Body Type (Talking to you Tyra Banks)!

You have a large bust, your hips are narrow and your waist is not very well defined.

• Petite body shape (Like Jessica Alba)

You have a small bust and narrow hips and are on the short side.

• Plus size body shape (Queen Latifah)

You wear a size 14 or higher, have a large bust, curvy waist and wide hips.

Perfect dresses for you:

A-line dress with gold detailing on the bodice

Okay, that’s great BUT how do I know if I’m a pear, apple or hourglass???

1. Stand in front of a mirror in your underwear.

2. Read through the above guidelines –

3. Try to identify where your key areas (bust, waist and hips) fits best.

Otherwise RELAX and remember The Stylists at HSC are trained professionals.

They can identify your body shape before you can say J-Lo AND find the perfect dress for YOUR BODY SHAPE.

Figure out your shape,

Let go of the unattainable idea of THAT DRESS!

Rather find something that’s unique and fits you like a glove.

(Let the rest of the world try and keep up with the Kardashians) 😉


All dresses available from HSC

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