Tips for Matric Dance Dress Shopping!

Tips for Matric Dance Dress Shopping!

Tips for Matric Dance Dress Shopping!

Sparkly dresses, sequins, embroidery, the latest designs handpicked from international and local designers and stylists with a wealth of knowledge.

Sounds like heaven?

Close, but no it’s The House of Superior Clothing, better known as the purple house or HSC.

If you have been too busy binge watching Stranger Things, Project Runway Junior and scrolling through Pinterest for matric farewell dresses inspiration, it’s time to get with the program!

HSC has been dressing women for over 20 years!

Needless to say they know what they are doing…

The New Year marks the beginning of the most exciting fabulous time of the year: Matric Dances.

The matric dance is the social highlight of every girl’s high school career and you are probably gonna end up on Instagram.

BUT finding the perfect prom dress can be… STRESSFUL!

It’s a BIG DAY and choosing the right dress can be overwhelming. This dream can quickly turn into a frustrating, overbearing, time-consuming nightmare!

Don’t fear because your

Virtual Find-Your-Perfect-Prom-Dress-With-a-Smile-Checklist

is here:

1. Wear The Correct Underwear

Believe me, there’s nothing quite as unflattering as a black bra strap sticking out your strapless back.

In order to get the full effect of each dress, remember to go wearing the correct underwear.

a Strapless, nude bra and seamless pantiesor even spanks are your new best friend!

Underneath counts!

2. Be Realistic

This is kind of a bummer but the truth is, you are NOT going to look like Charlize Theron

(even if you find the exact same dress)!

The reason: Different dress styles suit different body types.

Flat chested like Kate Hudson or a luscious cleavage like Sofia Vergara, there’s a dress that fits your body shape and will make you look and feel beautiful.

3. Attitude Is Everything!

Going into the fitting with a closed mind and bad attitude will only lead to frustration

(for you and those trying to help you). 

Keep an open mind…

Try on everything the stylist throws at you

(surprise, they actually know what they are doing)!

4. Trust The Experts

No, I’m NOT talking about your Mom!

At HSC you are surrounded by qualified stylists.

The Owner and Founder, Mercia van der Walt, has over 20 years’ experience in Fashion and Design.

Trust and try on with an open mind –

you might find something you never even expected and blow everyone (including yourself) away!

5. Make an appointment!


This way you guarantee your time with Owner and Founder, Mercia.

 At HSC there is a no-charge policy for consultations simply put: You receive FREE expert advice!

*Not really a planner? Walk-ins are welcome, but HSC prefer bookings.

6. I (up) Do!

a Topknot or swept away side style is perfect for trying on lots of dresses.

Choose a ballerina bun, sleek ponytail or a loose up do.

Obviously you have to match your hairdo with your dress style but that’s a post for another day.

6. Shoes wisely

Even the Duchess of Cambridge will look silly with a designer dress and some stunning…. flip flops?

Think of the bigger picture, wear nice shoes (leave the socks at home, you are NOT Rihanna) and save yourself the trouble of imagining.

And last but definitely not least…


 If you found The One

(the one you cannot take your eyes off and want to live in forever) –

Just Say Yes and Live Happily Ever After.

*Remember at HSC nothing is impossible: We can do it for you!

Find your perfect dress at HSC –

CONTACT US & we will FIND the perfect DRESS for your MATRIC DANCE.

Send us an email and we’ll call you back: sales@superiorclothing

Give us a call: 012 362 1968 or 082 331 9073

Happy Shopping!